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via Nature - Lingerie Makes Hagglers Happy-Go-Lucky

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January 27, 2006

Boy Brains

Parts of the "blogoshpere" are alive with discussion about the Newsweek article and the widening education gender gap. The post from this blog - Majikthise - looks at the difference in proposed responses from the time the gender gap favored boys to, now, that it favors girls.

via Majikthise - Gender Gap

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January 10, 2006

Female Hormone Key to Male Brain

Anything that can point the way toward less polarization between men and women is very important in my book. The idea that we each hold "female-ness" and "male-ness" within us, is a belief that points in that direction. The article below shows that research on mice may indicate that neurologically this may be true (for humans, too):

Estrogen--the quintessential female hormone responsible for regulating the reproductive cycle--turns lady mice into wannabe male mice when it is allowed to penetrate the brain during development, according to new research.

via Scientific American - Female Hormone Key to Male Brain

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November 01, 2005

Marriage and Health

Here is an interesting article that is a look at The Consequences of Marriage for African Americans a comprehensive review of the most recent literature (since about 1990) on the subject. The study (put out by pro-marriage folks) finds:

Marriage promotes the economic, social, familial and psychological well-being of black men and women -- as it does for men and women generally. Marriage is wonderful for children, who turn out to be less trouble-prone than their peers from single-parent-households.

The economic benefits of marriage are more pronounced for black couples than for whites, more often keeping their families from slipping below the poverty line.

It also turns out that black women report worse health than unmarried women.

via Washington Post - Poor Marriages, Poor Health

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September 27, 2005

Separate 'Em to Make 'Em Learn Better

I am not sure how I feel about this. Some educators are introducing a radical notion: separating boys and girls in the classroom and teaching to them differently. The teacher interviewed for this article says that based on brain chemistry research - boys and girls are different and need to be taught differently. The reason that boys are predominately labeled as having learning disabilities is that most schools are "girl-focused" some say. Is this a matter of exploiting cultural differences (boys are more physically active and girls are more social because they are taught to be that way) or is this really the way things are on the biological-level (boys are more physically active and girls are more social because their brain chemistry makes them that way)?

Boy's Brains, Girl's Brains

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September 15, 2005

Keep Those Laptops Off Your Lap

Hey Fellas - the next time you use your laptop as the name intends, you may want to reconsider. Laptops = heat = drop in sperm count.

via My Web MD Laptop Computers May Affect Male Fertility

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August 22, 2005

Macho Makes Macho

Back from Summer vacation, we are happy to see that our theory that links homophobia to those who don't feel secure in their masculinity is confirmed. But then to also link this to support for the Iraq war and to buying SUVs...confirmation that those secure in their masculinity don't have to shout or threaten others about it. Read about the study below.

Article: via Cornell University News Service - Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Threatened

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August 11, 2005

Sexual Revolutions, Gender Roles, and Contraceptives

The Pill started of the Sexual Revolution. Before the S.R. men were responsible to buy condoms. Then birth control put the responsbility into women's hands(and ultimately control of their bodies). Now, the possiblity of a male pill is on the horizon. Will men use it and be willing to alter their bodies? Will women want to give up control of the possibility of their getting pregnant? Will the Male Pill start another sexual revolution? Stay tuned....and read the article below.

Article: via Science and Spirit - A Better Pill to Swallow?

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August 03, 2005

Gender and Science - Pinker vs. Spelke

This past January, the president of Harvard University - Lawrence Summers - made a now famous comment about women and the sciences. He received a lot of negative criticism for this - rightfully. In April, Harvard's Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative held a debate on the public response to this incident. The debate is between Harvard University professor and author, Steven Pinker, and Harvard University professor, Elizabeth Spelke. The link below will connect you to the text of the debate as well as audio and video links. It is a long (so long that I haven't finished it yet) and very interesting. Well, worth your time.

Article: via Edge - The Science of Gender and Science

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July 27, 2005

Circumcision Linked to Lower Rate of AIDS

After noticing a higher rate of AIDS in regions of Africa where tribal or religious cultures did not practice circumcision, a study links this practice to AIDS reduction.

Article: via San Francisco Chronicle - Circumcision May Offer Africa AIDS Hope

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July 26, 2005

Do Brains Reveal Gender Differences - Ask Einstein's

According to a study there is a difference between the brains of men and the brains of women. Men's are larger, but are not smarter. Women's brains are faster and more efficient. Men appear to have more grey matter - made of active neurons. Women have more white matter which is responsible for communication between different areas of the brain. The bigger questions are: Is the difference genetic or based on experiences? If brains can be so different and yet function the same, what does this say about the assumption that brains are fundamentally the same. An investigation into the brain of Albert Einstein helped to point the way to some answers...really...

Article: via L.A. Times - Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains

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July 21, 2005

A Rival Makes You More of a Man?

Another scientific article that makes me wonder - people get paid to study this stuff? Though this makes a bit more sense, since the results could play a role in helping those with fertility problems. This study reveals that men who view pornography with two men and a woman produce more sperm than pornography with only a woman. Thus, a rival makes you more fertile. Of course, no one seemed to consider latent bi-sexuality.

Article: via New Scientist - Rivals Spur Men to Produce More Sperm

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July 13, 2005

The Scent of a Man

A study finds that men exposed to the male phermone andersol were more likely to purchase men's lifestyle magazine. My question: who does these studies and why?

Article: New Scientist - Male Sweat Sells Men's Lifestyle Magazines

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