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October 04, 2009

Ariving in South Africa

Great day to all.

It is incredible to think that after 18 hours of flying time, I'm ready for the day. It is with great appreciation that I bring the blessings and longing from by brothers and sisters in the United States (who wish they could be here to help) on this journey to advocate for gender justice.

I got a special blessings from one of my elders who celebrates this trip because of the long history of struggle. She stated, "How glorious that men from across the continent are coming together to share what they are doing for gender justice and positive masculinity. I have lived to see an African American as the U.S. president and now men on the continent are organizing on this scale -- it is a blessing indeed!"

I'm looking forward to meeting all my brothers and sisters who are attending this conference. I am especially looking forward to reconnecting to Pascal, who left South Africa just six months ago to support MRI's Men As Allies training and program implementation in collaboration with IRC in Cote d'Ivoire. I've heard him talk about how much he misses home, and to be here with him when is an honor.

In connection,
James Arana

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