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December 03, 2008

New web site highlights what works to prevent violence


WHO and Liverpool John Moores University's Centre for Public Health have launched today an important new web site highlighting what works to prevent violence. Geared towards policy-makers and violence prevention researchers, practitioners and advocates, the web site marks the first time that information on effective violence prevention programmes is available in a searchable web-based data base.

Violence is responsible for 1.6 million deaths every year of which half are suicides, a third homicides, and a tenth due to war and other forms of collective violence. Millions more people are injured and psychologically scarred by violence each year, often with life-long consequences. Violence costs economies billions of dollars annually in direct health, legal, and welfare costs and indirect costs due to lost productivity. This seriously impedes the development of low-income and middle-income countries.

Violence can be prevented and its impact reduced by adopting an evidence-based public health approach. Such an approach seeks to prevent violence before it occurs, by reducing the factors that place people at risk and reinforcing those which protect them. The new website includes:

*A searchable data base of abstracts from published studies that measure the effectiveness of interventions to prevent violence. The abstracts can be searched by violence type (child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence, youth violence, sexual violence), keywords, and geographical area of implementation.
*Resources including key publications on violence and its prevention;
*Information and links to relevant organizations, including the Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), a WHO-led network of agencies dedicated to preventing violence using the public health approach;
*News including updates on new violence prevention events and publications;
*An opportunity for organizations to contribute to the web site by submitting resources.

The Violence Prevention web site can be accessed at:

For further information, please contact Dr Christopher Mikton at

WHO violence prevention:

Violence Prevention Alliance:

Global Campaign for Violence Prevention:

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