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November 03, 2008

Conflict near border of Rwanda and Congo

Our recent trip to Rwanda took us to a remote region on the border with the Congo. We conducted our three day training with men and women coffee farmers. The training was co-organized with the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre (which we have helped to get started), and was hosted by their coffee cooperative, and partially sponsored by Dean's Beans coffee company (from western Massachusetts). The training was tremendously successful in inspiring and mobilizing this group of community leaders.

To our horror, this region has now erupted into fighting as rebel troops from within the Congo moved close to the border with Rwanda. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homes and are without food, water or shelter. Hopefully, UN intervention and negotiations will finally help to resolve some of the complex and deeply entrenched issues in this region.

We hold our friends and colleagues in our hearts as, once again, they live through the traumas of war.

Read about the conflict and UN aid efforts on Google News and the BBC.

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