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August 19, 2008

Springfield Program Mapping Project Completed

Connecting Advocates of Family Violence Prevention
and Positive Masculinity

The Engaging Men Practicum group identified this program mapping project as the first step in moving forward on a community action plan in Springfield. The overall goal of the action plan is: to increase the involvement of men as allies with women in preventing family violence, and as positive role models for children.

The specific aim of the program mapping project was to identify and begin building relationships with Springfield organizations, programs, and individuals who are currently doing direct work around family violence and/or positive masculinity as it relates to healthy relationships. In the process, we will identify stakeholders for collective action, lobbying, collaboration, and resource sharing.

After MRI staff and practicum members developed an initial list, MRI interns, Aaron Buford and Malcolm Chu researched the organizations, and began ongoing communication with targeted staff members through email, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings.

The first report mapped geographic locations, services, populations served, and staff roles for over 20 organizations. Follow-up actions include organizing a roundtable discussion about men and women as allies in family violence prevention in Springfield.

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