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May 22, 2008

MRI in Liberia: Enduring Support

May 22, 2008: Enduring Support

I know it has been stated before about the magnitude of this movement of community workers from the different villages, towns and cities in Liberia. The women's action group (WAG) and men's action group (MAG) teams, primarily from the rural communities in Lofa, Nimba, and Monserrado Counties, are now working to coordinate their efforts, develop their skills as trainers, and expand their outreach to boys and girls. The appreciation shown by the staff and the community volunteers for each other continues to surprise them. Each day they look at each other and say that they did not expect that their learning together was going to be this easy, satisfying, profound.

Each day, the women from the WAGs bless us with their knowledge, vision, and courage. They give direction and hold the men accountable for how they interact in their community. They talk about what is working well and where improvements are needed. The consistent theme from the women is their enduring support for the men for their efforts to be allies and partners. Many examples were given of the way the MAGs have successfully impacted other men in their communities, and the respect for women's leadership in the WAG/MAG partnerships.

At the end of today's training I could see in the gleam in the eyes of all the participants as they understood the effects their actions are having. The potential for expanding their impact for reaching men and boys in supporting and creating a safer community for girls and boys was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. They know that they are the ones who are in the forefront of this struggle, and that they are at the beginning of a great journey.

In Peace,
James Arana

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