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May 18, 2008

MRI in Liberia: Giving Thanks

May 18, 2008: Giving Thanks

I got up for my morning meditation with the knowledge that my ancestors had been waiting for me. I continue to open my self to their guidance. This journey, like all journeys begins with asking for blessings and guidance from my ancestors. My recent trip back home to Belize profoundly reconnected me to my elders and ancestors. In Belize, I sat in council with them, humbled myself, and was reminded of how important it is that I continue to be available to each and every one of them. I told my brothers and sisters, and my elders in Belize about this upcoming trip to support our brothers and sisters in Liberia.

There is power in this journey, that despite the trauma of the middle passage, I am still able to go back home in love, caring, and visioning for our youth. My family in Belize asked me to give thanks to our Liberian brothers and sisters.

I go to Liberia, carrying my brothers and sisters from the US and Central America in my heart. They have given us the trust and confidence that we are on the right path, supporting a nation, by supporting one person, one men's group, women's group at a time.

I go on this trip, prepared by my 30 years of commitment to working with youth, and am overflowing with joy that we will walk with our brothers and sisters to build healthier communities. I would like to acknowledge and honor the strength, power and vision of our Liberian brothers and sisters, in their determination to support our youth and our future.

The past few weeks leading up to this trip have been riveting, as we paid attention to all that needed to be done in preparation for this work. We, the MRI team, have been in overdrive to get our training handbook together. Much thanks to SuperDan for gathering all our ideas and making sense and order out of them. Thanks to Steven for his tireless work in gathering data for the training. I reap the benefits of both their work. I challenge us to make sure that all our hard work continues to be holistic, and engages not only our minds, but also continues to engage our heart and spirit.

In Peace,
James Arana

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