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January 30, 2008

Conference: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not -- Men's Role In Ending Violence Against Women

My name is Jonathan Grove, the Men Against Violence Program
Coordinator in the Women's Center at Pacific Lutheran University in
Tacoma WA. I am writing to you today to inform you that PLU Men
Against Violence will present a conference:

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not:
Men's Role In Ending Violence Against Women

, April 10 and 11, 2008
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, Washington

This conference will showcase best practice models for effectively
engaging communities in addressing violence against women. One of few
conferences like it in the nation, professionals, college and
university staff, faculty and students from all over the Northwest
region will attend.

Dr. Sut Jhally, one of the world's leading experts on
advertising and media will give the keynote address the evening of
April 10th. An exciting day of workshops with local and national
leaders in the field will begin on the morning of April 11th.
Attendees will have 12 seminar choices across three workshop sessions,
a dynamic lunch program with Ben Atherton-Zeman, and an endnote
performance from Western Washington University Men Against Violence.
These presentations will give attendees a unique experience and
exposure to interact and learn from leaders in a field that has few
such opportunities.

I would like to request your assistance in promoting this
exceptional event to your networks as this event in order to reach the
widest audience possible. Promotional materials are available on the
website and include a poster, brochure, schedule and registration
form. Please consider including these events in your Spring 2008
schedule and sharing with others who might gain from this valuable

To learn more about the conference, please visit:

Jonathan Grove

Men Against Violence Coordinator
PLU Women's Center

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January 24, 2008

Rwanda: 2,700 Rape Cases Reported Last Year

By Florence Mutesi
The New Times - Rwanda's First Daily

Sent by Fidele Rutayisire, Chairman, Rwanda Men's Resource Centre (RWAMREC)

CRIME - Rape and defilement are among the highest crimes in Rwanda, with a reported 2,703 cases in 2007, CID Director, Chief Superintendent Costa Habyara has said.

"The crime might seem to be on the increase, but actually it is because people have broken the stigma and now many report the cases to police," Habyara said during a press conference at Police Headquarters in Kacyiru on Tuesday.

The meeting held on Tuesday to address journalists on achievements and challenges of the National Police in 2007 was attended by Robert Niyonshuti, head of traffic police, Felix Namuhoranye, Chief Superintendent and inspector of inspection, Pierre Tebuka, Inspector of police and the Police Spokesman, Marcel Willy Higiro.

Habyara said that sensitization against the crime made people bold and able to report the cases. Many were victims of rape but they used to keep quite because it was like a disgrace to fall a victim, he said.

He said there was hope that the crime would continue to reduce, saying that the number in 2006 was higher, at 2746.

Ninety percent of the sexual crimes were defilement cases, while ten percent was rape. Habyara said that the reports include victims of early marriages. Some of the victims of underage marriages were forced into it while others did so willingly.

"Early marriages used to be normal for families and victims, so it is not all that easy to fight it. At times girls are not willing to leave their men," he said.

Felix Namuhoranye said that Inspection service of police would improve services and make every police person answerable. The service handles and settles complaints brought against the police.

"It is a mechanism to ensure professional ethics," Namuhoranye said.

He said that it makes certain that neither the police nor the population is treated unfairly. He added that in their strategic plans, they hope to work more with the population because they believe they are not perfect. He said they would continue with sensitization and their key stakeholder in this is the media.

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January 20, 2008

Call to Men: Speak Out Against GBV in Kenya

Fidel Rutayisire of the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre in Kigali, has created and circulated a petition to show that men around the world are ready to publicly denounce the ongoing gender-based violence in Kenya.

His petition as we received it follows. To sign on and show your support, send an e-mail with your name, title (if applicable),and country, and send it to Fidel at

Global Call to action for Men and Male leaders!

Speak out Against Gender Based Violence In Kenya!
Add your voice - sign and share this pledge!

Men's Pledge Against Gender Based Violence

Today, Kenya is experiencing an unprecedented wave of sexual violence that has been directed at thousands of Kenyan women, girls and a number of men and boys.

As men, we recognize that violence against women and the girl child affects men as well as women, those we care for, the family, you & me, the community and the nation.

We recognize that men and male leaders have an important role to play in stopping Gender-based violence, and acting as Role Models for other men.

Today, we are joining our voices to denounced gender-based violence in Kenya and to publicly commit ourselves to working in active solidarity with women and NGOs working to end ongoing gender-based violence in the conflict that has gripped Kenya.

As men, we call upon other men and male leaders to publicly speak out , and to join in this global call to protect Kenyan women and children, to demand that the government act to protect citizens against sexual assaults, and to stop sexual attacks that are linked to police and armed militias.

As men, we affirm that Positive Masculinity is about you and me and what we do to bring about Positive Change in Humanity.

By signing this pledge form you are committing yourself to be a role model for positive masculinity and to promote gender equality and equity beginning with your environment; family, work place and community.

Be Part of the Solution!

This petition pledge action will be globally circulated and sent to Kenyan authorities and NGOs working on Gender-Based Violence. After adding your name, Please send it back to

Yes, I am adding my name to the Global Pledge of Men Against Gender-Based Violence in Kenya:


1) Fidel RUTAYISIRE, Chairman and Founder of Rwanda Men`s Resource Centre, Rwanda

2) Brian Finch, Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC), Canada



5) SAFARI Emmanuel, Executive Secretary, CLADHO-RWANDA


7) BUTERA Jean Claude, Student, ULK

8) NDASHIMYE GEoffrey, Director of Planning, KHI Rwanda

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January 17, 2008

The 11th AWID International Forum on Women's Rights and Development

The Power of Movements
November 14-17, 2008
Cape Town, South Africa

We invite you to contribute to this urgent discussion by submitting a proposal to organize a session at the 11th AWID Forum: The Power of Movements.

Submit your proposal online at
Deadline: January 28, 2008
Contact us for more info or printable application at or +1 416 594 3773.

The struggle for women's rights faces formidable obstacles.

Recent years have witnessed a marked increase in the fragmentation of movements, as well as decreased investment by funding agencies in movement-oriented as opposed to project-oriented work. These trends have resulted in weakened women's movements in many parts of the world at a time when the challenges faced by women grow ever larger and more difficult.

The issues we need to resolve are complex and multi-faceted: How do we build movements that allow us to be strong but flexible, diverse without being fragmented, adaptable without compromising our core values, strategic without being expedient? What kind of collective power is possible in the 21st century, what types of mobilizations work - and in what contexts? What are the contradictions we need to confront in our movements in order to move forward? How do we build solidarity across different movements? And what is the cost of simply letting things drift along the present path?

From November 14-18, 2008, up to 1,500 women's rights activists from around the world will gather in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss the issue of building stronger women's movements globally.

Go to the Forum 2008 website:
Go to the AWID website:

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