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January 20, 2008

Call to Men: Speak Out Against GBV in Kenya

Fidel Rutayisire of the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre in Kigali, has created and circulated a petition to show that men around the world are ready to publicly denounce the ongoing gender-based violence in Kenya.

His petition as we received it follows. To sign on and show your support, send an e-mail with your name, title (if applicable),and country, and send it to Fidel at

Global Call to action for Men and Male leaders!

Speak out Against Gender Based Violence In Kenya!
Add your voice - sign and share this pledge!

Men's Pledge Against Gender Based Violence

Today, Kenya is experiencing an unprecedented wave of sexual violence that has been directed at thousands of Kenyan women, girls and a number of men and boys.

As men, we recognize that violence against women and the girl child affects men as well as women, those we care for, the family, you & me, the community and the nation.

We recognize that men and male leaders have an important role to play in stopping Gender-based violence, and acting as Role Models for other men.

Today, we are joining our voices to denounced gender-based violence in Kenya and to publicly commit ourselves to working in active solidarity with women and NGOs working to end ongoing gender-based violence in the conflict that has gripped Kenya.

As men, we call upon other men and male leaders to publicly speak out , and to join in this global call to protect Kenyan women and children, to demand that the government act to protect citizens against sexual assaults, and to stop sexual attacks that are linked to police and armed militias.

As men, we affirm that Positive Masculinity is about you and me and what we do to bring about Positive Change in Humanity.

By signing this pledge form you are committing yourself to be a role model for positive masculinity and to promote gender equality and equity beginning with your environment; family, work place and community.

Be Part of the Solution!

This petition pledge action will be globally circulated and sent to Kenyan authorities and NGOs working on Gender-Based Violence. After adding your name, Please send it back to

Yes, I am adding my name to the Global Pledge of Men Against Gender-Based Violence in Kenya:


1) Fidel RUTAYISIRE, Chairman and Founder of Rwanda Men`s Resource Centre, Rwanda

2) Brian Finch, Canadian Treatment Action Council (CTAC), Canada



5) SAFARI Emmanuel, Executive Secretary, CLADHO-RWANDA


7) BUTERA Jean Claude, Student, ULK

8) NDASHIMYE GEoffrey, Director of Planning, KHI Rwanda

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