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October 04, 2007

The CARE Training Ends with a Goodbye to Rwanda

Today, the last day of the training, focused on deepening the honest dialogue between women and men about the emotional experiences and gender issues raised in yesterday's activities. It is both painful and heartening to watch the group struggle with this process. The powerful commitment to ending violence and creating healthy families in Rwanda was evident as they continued to build a new foundation of trust among themselves.

The action commitments that were generated as a result were deeply personal and very encouraging. Many men said they will be immediately changing the way they are relating to their wives and children. And many women said they will be going home to talk with their husbands about their experiences and needs, and about how to raise their children with more gender equality. Staff from Burundi also committed to bringing Men's Resources International to their country.

As we ended the day with certificates for all participants honoring the work they have done in this training, we knew this was an important step on a long journey. And as we completed the closing ceremony, wrapping the bamboo pole in our multicolored ribbons, and remembered the pole created last week at the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre, and the poles in Zambia and in Nigeria, and the nine poles in communities throughout Liberia, and the one at the MRI office in Springfield, United States, we knew we were witnessing the growth of a movement.

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