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October 09, 2007

Steven On the CARE Training

After packing our bags, we traveled to the CARE office where we met with staff from CARE and representatives from other community organizations who had attended the training for a follow-up strategic planning meeting. We began with a rich discussion about the lessons learned from the training, which produced many valuable ideas about how to apply the MRI approach to engaging men in Rwandan contexts.

The conversation then moved to how to provide follow-up support and accountability for training participants, especially in accomplishing the personal goals that they had committed to on the last day of the training. After discussion about the relationship between personal and professional work, it was decided that an email group will be established, and a check-in meeting with be scheduled in several weeks. One of the men in the meeting reported that last night he had already talked with his wife about the ways he has been abusive, and how he will be changing.

We had to leave the meeting early, because our airplane flight had been rescheduled for an earlier departure time. We look forward to hearing what came out of the discussions about next steps for CARE program development and national networking.

As we left CARE offices with heartfelt good-byes to Delphine, Maimouna, Fidel, Peter, Frederic, Jeannette, André, Kushbu, and Charles, they affirmed their desire for an ongoing consultation from Men's Resources International. We know that they are building a very special collaboration that has the potential for significant impact throughout the country. And we know that we will be back in Rwanda to continue to support this journey.

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