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October 01, 2007

Preliminary Visits with CARE, and Some Time with IRC and PROFEM

James, Adin and I spent this morning at the headquarters of CARE International where we met with key staff in violence prevention, health and education to prepare for tomorrow's training. We learned more about CARE's commitments to engaging men in these program areas, and they listened eagerly to our descriptions about our experiences in different African countries and Men's Resources International's approach to training and consulting.

In the afternoon, Fidel, James and I visited the International Rescue Committee headquarters, sharing with the executive director and chief officer our experiences with IRC in Liberia, planting the seeds for potential future collaboration with the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre.

Upon returning to the hotel in the evening we joined Adin in a meeting with two leaders of PROFEM, the national network of women's organizations. Agnes Mujawayezu, executive director, had attended the opening ceremonies of the training, and Suzanne Ruboneka, country coordinator for action campaigns, expressed their appreciation and support for the existence of the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre and the importance of getting men involved in the efforts to end gender-based violence, They repeatedly embraced the concept of "positive masculinity" as an valuable approach to gender equality. And together we began developing strategizing for most effectively collaborating on social change in Rwanda.

It was another profoundly satisfying day.

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