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September 28, 2007

The Rwanda Workshop: An Eye-Opener

From the time we gathered at the Addis Ababa International Airport, I knew we were about to change history in Africa. The Rwandan training was an opportunity to reunite with Steven, James, Phiri, and Mbati. The MRI family and the African Network were received by Fidel at the Kigali International Airport. What good memories the reunion brought forth!

The training was a very worthwhile experience; I must confess that the Rwandan people are warm, accommodating, and eager to make connections despite the language barrier. The opening ceremony was graced by the Deputy Mayor of Kigali and the Executive Secretary of PROFEM, a women's organization based in Rwanda.

Here I must commend the thoughtfulness of the Rwandan Men's Resource Center, under the leadership of Fidel Rutasiyare, for providing us with interpreters who made the training a huge success. The participants were able to share deeply rooted concerns and the facilitators were down to earth with different dynamics of violence. They imparted to every participant the richness of years of research and experience in the fight against Gender Based Violence and the effort to create healthy families and communities.

I consider this a golden opportunity and feel privileged to have been part of this training on eliminating Gender Based Violence in Rwanda, where the world failed to heed to the cry of a people as they sank into genocide. I hope to come back here someday to see the level of change in Rwandan society that has been achieved by our training in this Country of a Thousand Hills.

Uduma Agwu Uduma
Coordinator, Steering Committee
Ebonyi Men's Resource Centre

Uduma Agwu Uduma

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