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September 26, 2007

Steven Writes about the First Day of the Rwanda Training

This morning Fidel transported us to the training venue, Club Mamans Sportif. The opening ceremony for the training included remarks from the executive director of PROFEM, the national network of women's organizations, and an executive secretary for women's affairs in the city of Kigali.

Our inability to speak Kinyarwanda or French required translation throughout the training. Although this slowed down the process, the ability to speak in their own language contributed to a comfort in self-expression and openness that made this day a success.

After the 30 participants introduced themselves the day included discussions about the violence, presentations by Chief Ugo Nnachi of Nigeria and Stencilous Phiri of Zambia about gender-based violence in their countries, and the obstacles to engaging men on these issues.

We ended the day affirming that a belief in men's natural caring and compassion is central to MRI's strategy for male involvement in violence prevention.

Participants expressed encouragement and hope as they left the first day of training. One young man, who lost his father when he was five, spoke beautifully about being ready to be married, but confused about these issues -- "I wonder if I should wait until we have created more gender equality."

Adin Discusses a Point with a Participant

Music is Always a Feature
in MRI's African Trainings

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