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September 25, 2007

Steven Reflects on the Arrival in Rwanda

Yesterday passed by in a blur of plane flights (landings in Rome, Addis Ababa, Nairobi and, finally Kigali).

Returning to Africa is a deeply emotional experience for us in many ways. The reunion with our friends and colleagues from Zambia, Nigeria and Rwanda was joyous after the last 10 months of communication and support via email and phone. Rwanda truly is "the land of 1000 hills." The city, carpeting the hills, is bustling with life. Evidence of reconstruction and development is everywhere. The legacies of ethnic conflict and genocide are not visible to us newcomers.

After settling into our rooms (with a breathtaking balcony overlooking the eastern hills of Kigali), and taking a much needed shower, we met with staff from CARE International in our hotel restaurant (a veranda with another spectacular view) to make arrangements for next week's training and consultation. Delphine and Maimouna were delighted at the timing of the connection with Men's Resources International, as they are launching new programs where male involvement will play a critical role.

We then moved to another table where members of the Rwanda Men's Resource Centre executive committee had gathered to welcome us to Rwanda. We were impressed with the social stature of the men Fidel has recruited, and their excitement about the MRI training.

After dinner, we gratefully and quickly went to bed.

Stencilous Ndandalika from Zambia

Fidel (Rwanda) and Ugo (Nigeria)

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