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September 29, 2007

Adieus, a Wedding, and Meetings with Government Officials

Because we did not know when we would have the opportunity to all be together again, this morning was spent in a flurry of discussions, exchanges of digital photos, and expressions of love and commitment among Zambia, Nigeria and the United States. After lunch we bid fond farewells to Stephen and Stencilous as they began their long journey back to Zambia.

Fidel then took Ugo, Uduma, James and me to a wedding ceremony and reception. And after that, we traveled to the home of Theogene (the senior consultant whom we had met the previous week) where he was hosting a party for people involved in a research project he is leading about the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS clubs in schools. Sitting in chairs neatly arranged on the manicured lawn of his magnificent home we met the Minister of Education and other government officials, a representative from the World Bank as well as his team of over 20 young people who conducted the extensive survey throughout Rwanda. (it covered 100% of all secondary and 30% of all primary schools). We were having grateful for this marvelous opportunity to witness a particular dimension of Rwandan society.

Stencilous Presenting Zambia Mug

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