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February 05, 2007

MRI in Liberia: First Day of Training

Monday morning I got up with the beautiful sound of a bird whistling and I felt blessed to wake with such a gift of sound. I got ready for the day ahead. Steven and I met for breakfast and then were picked up and brought to the training site: the YWCA of Liberia. It was good to feel the connection with this women’s organization — supporting us, and the men in the training — on this journey to healthy and positive masculinity.

There were about 20 participants from around the country and they were eager to get on with the training. The introductions gave us insight about where each person came from and what is their connection to this work.

The first part of the day went so quickly that we had to double check to see how much we had accomplished. The feedback we got to our questions helps us to guide them and to challenge their thinking and comfort zone. They know how valuable they are in this. Challenging their countrymen to look at this process of manhood without violence, oppression or coercion will not be easy.

I continue to feel the blessing.

— James Arana, Associate Director
Men's Resources International, USA

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