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November 29, 2006

Greetings from The Men’s Network of the Zambian YWCA

The Men’s Network of the Zambian YWCA (YZMN) joins the world in celebrating the Sixteen Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) that is held from the 25th day of November to the 10th day of December every year. We identify with this year’s theme “Advance Human Rights-End Gender Based Violence” in reaching out to you. The YZMN is committed to eradicating GBV in order to create a world that embraces gender equality and equity as social norms.

The YZMN directly involves and targets the male child, male youth and adult males in forming a Network that will fight GBV and promote human rights. For three (3) years now, YZMN has educated and advocated for healthy and better communities that will enhance peace, equality and development. The YZMN’s message to you is:

“Just like Leprosy, Small Pox, and Polio, Gender Based Violence is bound for extinction. United, we are strong”

Greetings from The Men’s Network of the Zambian YWCA and Zambia

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