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November 06, 2006

A Gathering of African Men

Saturday, 4 November, 2006

Our day began with a 5 am wake-up to get back to Lagos airport before the weekend rush, only to once again practice airport sitting until a 9:30 departure. After the flight to Enugu, we drove to Abakaliki.

I was delighted to be reunited with James, and to see our dear brothers, Stephen Mbati and Stanislaus Phiri from Zambia and Patrick Amah from Nigeria. As we sat together for lunch, men from Zambia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Belize and the United States our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude. We saw our vision becoming form, and we recognized the tremendous possibilities in our collective commitment and passion. The discussion ranged from the challenges of our journeys to Nigeria, to the importance of our relationships with women’s organizations, to strategies for documenting the impacts of our training.

After taking time for James and me to reconnect and debrief our separate experiences of the past week, we took our dear host, Ugo Nnachi, executive director of DOVENET out to dinner. I had not seen her since we first met at the Bejing+10 United Nations’ conference in New York City two and a half years ago. Our dinner conversation deepened our relationship and mutual respect, as we shared our vision and developed strategies for moving ahead together. We will now search for a funder who shares our understanding of the great potential in this collaboration.

After returning to our hotel, James and I rejoined the amazing and far-reaching conversation in the room of Stephen, Stanislaus and Fidele. The "training" has begun, and the blessings are never-ending…

We send you a rainbow of hope and possibility, Steven

— Steven Botkin, Executive Director
Men's Resouces International, USA

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