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September 13, 2006

Connecting Domestic Violence and HIV/AIDS

This is one of the items from the September eNewsletter distributed by Global Violence Prevention Advocacy. The blurb below introduces a comprehensive and compelling report substanitating the link between violence against women and children and the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is incredibly thorough and well documented. To downoad a copy of the report, click here.

A Report on Violence Against Women and Children and HIV AIDs


Global Aids Alliance, a group based in Washington, D.C., has spearheaded a report on the link between the transmission of HIV and violence against women and children. The report calls for attention and a comprehensive response to violence against women. If societies do not prevent violence, the rates of infection will not decrease and many millions more will suffer.

More than twenty million women and children worldwide have the HIV virus. Women who experience violence may be nearly three times more likely to acquire it. Sub Saharan Africa has an acute crisis of infection and violence against women and children. The complete report compels us to care and to act. Share this report widely.

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