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August 18, 2006

Senator Obama's Africa Trip

Steven brought this piece to my attention. It’s from Senator Barack Obama’s eNewsletter and website. I have e-mailed the senator, thanking him for his work and telling him about MRI's initiatives in Zambia and Nigeria. (I’ll post any replies from Senator Obama or his office.)

Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) will begin his 17-day trip throughout Africa today, including stops in Kenya, South Africa, Congo, Djibouti and with refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan. The trip will spotlight important issues facing Africa, such as the spread of AIDS, genocide in Darfur, the prospects for parts of Africa becoming a haven for terrorists and what role America can play in the region.

Read more about the trip here:

For daily updates at with news coverage, photos and audio reports from the Senator, visit:

One detail of his trip that I found particularly interesting:

Obama plans to visit a group of Kenyan women age 50 and older who have adopted children suffering from AIDS and are making a success of it with the help of a "microcredit" program supported by his personal funds from a children's book deal.

The program, with an initial $14,000 Obama investment, enables the women to obtain small loans so they can buy such items as sewing machines or bicycles or crops at market that might enable them to start small businesses.

If you’re interested in receiving updates directly from Barack Obama’s official website, click here.

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