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July 17, 2006

Taliban Attacks on Afghan Girls' Schools Increase

Steven Botkin called my attention to this alarming article published on the Femininst Majority Foundation's website.

A selection from the article follows as well as a link to take action by contacting your Senators and Representatives.

Daily News Wire
July 12, 2006
Taliban Attacks on Afghan Girls' Schools Increase

Taliban militia bombings, burnings of girls' schools, and the killing of teachers are increasing at an alarming rate as the Taliban resurgence continues to gain strength. Ahmed Rashid, a well known author and expert on the Taliban recently wrote in the Washington Post that "...every single day somewhere in Afghanistan a girls' school is burned down or a female teacher killed by the Taliban." Under the Taliban regime, education for Afghan women and girls was banned. Attacks on girls' schools began immediately following the reopening of the schools by the new Afghan government in 2002, but the current situation has reached crisis proportions undermining the rights that Afghan women and girls were just beginning to enjoy.

Read the entire article.

TAKE ACTION! Urge your senators and representatives to co-sponsor "The Afghan Women's Empowerment Act of 2006"

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