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July 31, 2006

Native American Men's Code of Conduct

I wanted to share a wonderful Men’s Code of Conduct that was developed during a Native American Summit on Gender, Family, and Community Violence, held Oct. 12-13, 2005. This came to my attention via some postings on our listserve from Cliff Moore, Director of Washington State University Thurston County Extension, who worked on the summit’s planning committee, chaired, the Men’s Institute committee, and developed the Code with the participants.

Men's Institute Code Of Conduct

• I recognize that silence is not acceptable and that words alone are not enough, I must act.

• I will put my family first; before friends, community and even self. I will love, protect and provide for my family.

• I will model love and tenderness for my children, spouse/ partner, parents and community.

• I will work to make my home a place of safety and security for my family - A Sanctuary.

• I will be a positive role model for my own family, children and community.

• I commit to showing and sharing my emotions and feelings openly and honestly.

• I will acknowledge my own mistakes and learn from them.

• I am willing to say "I'm sorry" when I make a mistake; and I will show through my actions that I mean it.

• I am willing to learn, change and grow.

• I will act in a manner that is respectful of myself and others.

• I will celebrate my own history and culture, as well as those of others.

• I will be accountable for unearned male privilege and strive for gender equality and equity.

• I recognize that domestic violence is a community issue, affecting everyone, including men and generations to come.

• I will support the development of education across cultures regarding domestic violence as it relates to contemporary societal norms and laws.

• I will support community organizations that provide assistance to families, victims and perpetrators.

• I will help deliver the message that violence is never an appropriate means of communication or problem solving.

• I refuse to abuse.

With a spirit of love and hope, I affirm that I will live by this code, and that I will encourage others to adopt it as well.

Posted by Daniel at July 31, 2006 11:32 AM


Awesome Code of Conduct. I remember reading a while ago in class about how in early native communities...a woman walking alone at night, a woman being by herself wasn't a big deal because rape just rarely, rarely if ever happened. depressing to see how far this country has fallen off from that now but good to see that others are speaking out about it.

Posted by: Luke at August 1, 2006 02:18 AM

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