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July 25, 2006

Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK)

MRI has recenty been in touch with Movement Of Men Against Aids in Kenya (MMAAK). This is a committed and courageous organization that shares many goals and values with MRI.

Following is some infomration from their Web site:

The Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK) is a Non Governmental Organization supporting men infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. The idea of the movement come about as the need of engaging more men in HIV/AID programmers was identified in 1999. HIV/AIDS was then declared a National disaster by the then president Daniel Arap Moi in Mombasa, MMAAK wanted to support Men for them to Make a Difference.

Our values are based on the realization that Men MUST be involved, and contribute in the fight against HIV/AID: they must take the lead role: must assume the responsibility.

To strive to build a society in which men infected and affected with HIV/AID, engang and greatly participate in Prevention, Care and Support for an AIDS free Kenya.

Mission Statement
To involve all men from all segment of life in society in the greater participation in HIV Prevention, trough Mobilization, formation of Networks and Strategic alliances, Capacity strengthening, provision of information for behavioral change and provision of care and support for men infected and affected while striving to challenge social and cultural stereo types hinder progress in the fight against HIV/AID.

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