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July 03, 2006

Founding Fathers: Re-defining Father's Day

Great article and program from Family Violence Prevention Fund.

Founding Fathers 2006: Thousands of Men Are Re-defining Father’s Day
June 19, 2006

On Father's Day, June 18th, 2006, thousands of men across America came together to declare their support for an end to violence against women and children.

Through individual donations, participation in the New York Times Father's Day Declaration, involvement in the Macy's/Oakland A's 5K Father’s Day Fun Run, and individual signatures to the Founding Fathers Declaration online, men from all walks of life and the families that love them joined together to once again say, "No more" to violence against women and children.

Even though Father's Day has past, it is never too late to join this band of courageous men.

Click here to add your name to the list and become a Founding Father, or to honor a man in your life.

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