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June 19, 2006

Zambia Trip - Entry 10

Victoria Falls to Lusaka – Friday, June 16

We rose early today, each taking walks to experience morning in Livingstone. In a small touring car with two guides from the guest house, we drove to the Great Falls. First stop was the Sun Hotel which sits at the top of the falls. Monkeys scampered around the grounds while guest sat eating and drinking on verandas. Affluence and privilege abounded.

Further down the road were the main trails to the falls where James saved us money by (proudly) passing for a Zambian, who have a significantly lower entrance fee. In rented raincoats we traveled along the embankment across from the massive falls. The experience was grand on every level. Vision, sound, and touch combined into an awesome soul shaking. Powerful downpours of water from the mist alternated with sunshine and rainbows. We were cleansed with libations from the gods. The spectacular bridge to Zimbabwe kept appearing and disappearing at different angles.

Because we were leaving Zambia early the next morning, and wanting to avoid another eight hours bus ride for our return trip, we booked the last plane flight back to Lusaka, and had to leave the Falls all too soon. As we drove toward the airport a family of baboons jumped through trees and followed us alongside the road.

The one hour flight brought us back to Lusaka with enough time to meet Simuyi and take him out to lunch in gratitude for all of his hospitality. We then went shopping at a “cultural village,” where local crafts people and merchants were eagerly selling us their products, At a final meeting with YWCA executive director, Mrs. Kaumba, we all affirmed our desire to continue the relationship and the importance of follow up to the MRI training with the Men’s Network. After a final dinner at Simuyi’s, we packed our bags in preparation for next day’s early departure.

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