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June 19, 2006

Zambia Trip - Entry 9

Lusaka to Livingstone

This morning we sang happy birthday (51st) to Patrick, before we drove him to the Lusaka airport for his return trip to Nigeria (via an overnight in Nairobi). We have found another deeply committed brother of the heart, and vowed to meet again in Nigeria as soon as we find sponsors for a training there. He was deeply moved by what we were able to accomplish in the Zambia training, and brings home lots of ideas about how to organize something similar in Abakaliki.

Our videographer captured images of Lusaka from the car as we drove to the YWCA. (He taped the entire training, and was so moved by what he saw, that he declared with gusto in the closing circle, “I am joining you!”) At the YWCA we met several training participants for debriefing and good-byes. They were obviously hungry for as much contact as they could get. We toured the YWCA ceramics shop where beautiful pottery and electric company insulators are produced, and fantasized about finding ways to bring some of their products to a world market.

In a last minute decision, we drove to the bus station to board a bus to Livingstone for an overnight visit to Victoria Falls. As we stepped out of the YWCA car, we left the relatively protected world of the training venue and our host family, and entered the life of Zambia in a new way. We sat in the small bus for an hour until it was packed with more people than we thought was possible. The journey to the southernmost city of Zambia, on the border with Zimbabwe, was twice as long as we expected, stopping at many of the small towns on the way. We were amazed that many passengers were wearing coats and wanted the windows closed, while we were sweating and breathing gas fumes for the entire trip. We arrived in Livingstone at midnight, and were quickly surrounded by aggressive cab drivers looking for our business. Thankfully, we were met by Stephen Mbati’s brother-in-law, who helped us find a comfortable guest house, and the first western style shower with substantial hot water we have had since arriving in Zambia.

Most recent patch of photos

Lusaka day three - the village 040[3].jpg

Posted by Russell at June 19, 2006 06:15 AM


Blessings. I am touched every time I read an excerpt from the trip to Mother Africa. One day I hope to return, as well. The fotos are amazing, the words that James and Steven write are inspiring, and the work being done is almost unexplainable.

James and Steven, thank you kindly (with a big gentle hug) for sharing your journey.

Con Amor y Paz, Your Hermano,

Posted by: César at June 19, 2006 11:12 AM

sounds/looks like an amazing trip so far. awesome.

Posted by: Luke at June 19, 2006 05:04 PM

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