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June 22, 2006

Zambia Trip - Entry 11


Saturday, June 17 – Lusaka to London

Simuyi, Stephen and his wife, Lucy, drove us to the airport for our early morning plane flight from Lusaka. After heartfelt goodbyes, invitations to the U.S., and promises to return to Zambia, we boarded the plane. After an extended delay, we began our 10 hour flight back to London, where we discovered we had missed our connecting flight to Brussels. The disappointment was softened by overnight and meal vouchers at the Hilton Hotel. We enjoyed the luxuries, while being struck by the dramatic contrast with life in Zambia.

Sunday, June 18 – London to Brussels

Back in the air again, we marveled at how quickly we are moving from country to country. Soon we were pulling our bags through the busy streets of Brussels, clattering over cobblestones and weaving through Sunday tourists, in search of our hotel. After settling in we began and extended stroll through the city.

James writes: So much has happen in such a short time, and all with blessings. Where am I today? Oh yah, Brussels. I am amazed at the architecture and history that is around me. Buildings full of history, fountains, palaces, and new design and use of space and shapes. The temperature and people are marvelous. The opportunity to be where I am continues to be just overwhelming and inspiring. I am looking forward to the next two days to making connections that will help to bring the work we’ve been doing to share with others who are working for the same cause. I’m looking forward to bring back all my experiences from the past two weeks back home, and make this world a little smaller by helping to bring people from around the world closer together to share their love, passions and hope with each other.

Monday, June 19 – Violence Prevention Alliance meeting

The day was spent in a hotel meeting room (basement with no windows), with 30 other people from around the world. It was a fascinating experience hearing about other violence prevention initiatives in Jamaica, Uganda, England, Germany, Scotland, etc. We even met two people who had lived in Northampton, Massachusetts. As a group, we worked on defining the structure and activities of the Violence Prevention Alliance, a difficult challenge given the great diversity of experience and focus (from governmental to grass-roots organizations addressing everything from torture to gun violence to domestic violence). The formal meeting will continue tomorrow morning. However, tonight all the members are being treated to dinner by the Belgium Health Department at a restaurant on Le Grand Place, and the informal networking has been very productive, with a number of people expressing interest in our work.

Update - Photos from Brussels

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