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June 08, 2006

Zambia Trip - Entry 2

Blog Entry 2: Sent from Steven Botkin on Wed 6/7/2006 7:27 AM

We made it the first leg of our journey - London. It is becoming more tangible that in a few hours we will be meeting in person with people we have been communicating with by phone and email. To say that we are excited in anticipating this meeting is an understatement;

The journey began with an auspicious meeting in the Boston airport. One of our long-term MRC colleagues in men's work, who has become a leader in the field through his work at the Family Violence Prevention Fund, Juan Carlos Arean, was arriving at the airport at the same time that we were preparing to depart. We had a wonderful send-off and blessings on our travels. The synchronicity of this experience affirmed for us the power of relationship and how the forces of connection will continue to support our efforts.

Right now, we are enjoying a few hours in London, taking in the sights and feelings of being in a new city, and beginning to get used to the new time zones. In a few hours we head back to Heathrow Airport for the 10 hour flight to Lusaka.

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