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June 12, 2006

The "Fear of Faggotry"

Hugo Schwyzer has an interesting post dealing with "the fear of faggotry": a heterosexual man/boy's fear of being called "gay" or "fag". Hugo gives a personal account of growing up and his response to being called "gay" - a, sadly, typical story. But he also explores the same type of incidents as an adult pro-feminist male and the choices that need to be made:

As an adult, heterosexual, pro-feminist man, I don't spend time trying to disprove the charge of homosexuality. After all, to do so would suggest that I thought there was something fundamentally wrong with being homosexual. Young men who aspire to do pro-feminist work had better get over any internalized homophobia lickety-split! Running around saying "Look at me, I"M NOT GAY!!!" is not only unlikely to impress anyone, it also indicates a profound discomfort with the whole notion of diverse sexualities. If being called "fag" or "gay" makes you quake in your boots, my friend, you still have a considerable amount of work to do. I don't say that to be unkind or insensitive, but to be brutally honest. One of the litmus tests for whether or not a man is ready and willing to live as a pro-feminist is how he responds to the nearly-certain anti-gay slurs that will be thrown his way. If he reacts with frantic defensiveness (as I did in eighth grade), then it's evidence he's got a ways to go on his journey.

via Hugo Schwyzer - A Long Post On Pro-Feminist Men And The "Fear Of Faggotry"

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