The Uncommon Man

June 26, 2006

Stepping Back...

This is my last week as the "web-master" of The Uncommon Man. It has been a fun year. I've loved bringing this site into fruition. I am turning the "web-master-thing" over to the very capable hands of Daniel Coyne. We've spent some time talking about The Uncommon Man - my vision and his. I feel very confident that he will take this blog in a great direction. In the meantime, you may still see me pop in for some guest blogging. Also, if you are interested I have a website featuring some of my creative endeavors - not particularly male-centric or feminist in focus. I call it All My Shoes and Glasses.

Both Daniel and I will be posting this week.

Posted by Russell at June 26, 2006 06:33 AM


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