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June 30, 2006

How Often Are Men Victims of DV?

Well, this is my final post as the "official" webmaster of The Uncommon Man. The link I am offering up below is nothing especially new in the discussion on gender. But I thought I would use it as my last post because it is one of the issues that frustrates me the most in this work. The "discussion" about how often men are victims of domestic violence comes up a lot on sites like The Uncommon Man. And, when I was the director of a batterer's intervention program, I was also often asked about women's violence toward men. What I found frustrating about it is that I often heard those who believe that women are more often victims of domestic violence acknowledge that men are, at times, victims, too. And they also understand that there are barriers that prevent men from reporting. But, I rarely heard from those who are advocating for male victims, the possibility that the number of male victims were anything less than half. There was rarely any "conversation" about it. In fact, I was attacked several times in comment-threads at other sites for challenging those numbers. So, as my parting comment, based on personal experience and much practical knowledge:

Men can be victims of domestic violence. But, women are considerably more likely to be the victims of domestic violence - and when they are, are much more likely to be killed.

Now can we just move on and do the work of ending this problem?

Take care, I'll be visiting here again, I'm sure...

via Alas, A Blog - How Commonly Are Men Beaten Up By Intimate Partners?

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