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May 03, 2006

Thoughts on the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

I haven't posted anything from Hugo Schwyzer in a while. But he recently posted some great thoughts on masculinity and rape. His thoughts were sparked by a post at another regular link here, Alas, A Blog, which is sparked by a news piece from another site (and now I am posting about all of it here - welcome to the internet). The orginal piece had this quote:"Masculinity is something that has to be proven", she said. "It is not innate or natural. It’s something young men have to establish, and they have to establish it publicly". Hugo follows this by examining the impact of masculinity and the concept of "proving it". He ends with this final thought which is quite sobering:

(Many men)derive more lasting pleasure from sharing with other men their conquest narrative than they do from the sexual experience itself! That's one of the most universal -- and ugliest -- aspects of modern American masculinity.

via Hugo Schwyzer - Some Thoughts on Gang Bangs and "Proving It"

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