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May 02, 2006

The Aftermath of Childhood Trauma

A recent study called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) points to something, again, fairly obvious:

There is a strong correlation between childhood trauma and serious adult health problems including tobacco use, substance abuse, obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression and a higher risk for unintended pregnancy.

What stands out about this study, though is the size of it, and the fact that the results were recently presented before Congressional aides. One of the more interesting and scary findings of the study was:
They found high incidence to exposure to violence during childhood among the middle- and upper-middle class San Diego population that they surveyed in the late 1990s. Twenty-one percent of respondents (25 percent of women and 16 percent of men) were exposed to sexual abuse as children, and 13 percent said their mothers were sometimes, often or very often pushed, grabbed, slapped or had something thrown at them and/or sometimes, often or very often kicked, bitten, hit with a fist, or hit with something hard, and/or ever repeatedly hit over at least a few minutes and/or ever threatened or hurt by a knife or a gun.

via End Abuse - Echoes of Trauma

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