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May 31, 2006

Feminism And Last Names

What I really appreciate about Hugo Schwyzer's blog, as I've mentioned before, is his desire to be fully transparent as a pro-feminist male. He is willing to put his thoughts and experiences out in a public forum and allow others to applaud him, argue with him - and most importantly - allow him to re-think something and potentially change his mind. In my view, that alone (being willing to take a point-of-view and then publicly step-back from it) makes him stand apart from the stereotypical man.

The posts below are about the practice of last names in marriage. A seemingly small issue in the world of feminism. But it is really a huge statement - full of power and meaning. As "hypen-aters", my wife and I put a lot of time and thinking into what we would do with our last names. Personally, I liked the idea of altering both of our names when entering into our marriage - while at the same time keeping our original "identities". Hugo has a different take on this practice. And, if you read the posts and the comments, received some very negative feedback. I post this, less for the content about names, but more for an example of a man living a pro-feminist live and sharing the ins-and-outs of it. It is why I frequently link to Mr. Schwyzer's blog.

via Hugo Schwyzer - Hugo's Feminist Credentials Get Pulled: A Lengthy Post on Feminism and Last Names

via Hugo Schwyzer - "I'm Disappointed in you, Hugo: More Navel Gazing

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