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May 24, 2006

Burger King's "I Am A Man" Commercial

There has been alot of "buzz" recently about the new Burger King commercial that takes Helen Reddy's song I Am Woman, and turns it into I Am Man. On one level, one can dismiss this as simply a silly commercial. But, I love the process of dissecting different forms of media and seeing what the underlying messages are. Especially in a commercial such as this which re-uses many other messages that we see in media all the time. And that is when we need to be critical about media - not a single commercial, but when there are numerous messages that together sink deep into our collective psyches. The links below (and links wihtin the posts) do a good job of pulling apart this commerical - not only looking its anti-feminism stance, but at its, ultimately, anti-male stance.

via Alas, A Blog - "I Am a Man" Burger King Commercial

via Third Estate Sunday Review - Shame of the Week (Musical)

Posted by Russell at May 24, 2006 07:14 AM


I came across your blog recently while looking for the new burger king comercial song, I Am by Suggs, maybe you can email me with your response to this note, i'm not a big blogger so i probably wont come back,

Explain to me how re-inforcing a masculine role on today's society is a bad thing?

Re-Inforcing a positive masculine role on society surely cant harm the public, advertising today doesn't tell men that because they are naturally stronger than women that they should get drunk and beat them?

people blaming advertising for problems in society is like yelling at a box of kleenex because its scratchy.

Commercials are made for one purpose, to appeal to certain groups of people.

While I certainly dont dismiss the subconscious effect this has on america's youth inpeticular, i beleive that adults have the right to choose whether they want to be fat or thin, you would have to be very naive to think thatyou can eat micky D's burger king carl's or wendy's daily and not show any ill-effects like rapid weight gain and nutritional side effects aswell as hightened chances of illness. (I won't go into the "advertising is killing america through its shameless promotion of false people" speech, im sure by your post that you already agree with it.

In a modern society, one that (personally) I see as a society where the worst thing to be is a single white male, why can men be proud to be men? Why can't people see things for what they are and live their lives freely?

sometimes i wonder why people squander what few years they have on this earth picking at things they can't change.

ok. well. ive gone into rambling and im going to stop here. hopefully i've made my opinions clear, but i relish conversation.

Posted by: William at July 19, 2006 01:59 AM

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