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April 06, 2006

White Men Wilding?

Rachel at Alas, A Blog has a great post about the Duke Lacrosse team rape case. She makes a great point that when a group of Black men commit a rape like this, it is viewed much differently than when a group of White men (especially young men at a private college) commit a similar crime:

Unfortunately, most people(especially White folks) in American culture don’t see these behaviors as similar. They think that one Black person's bad behavior is somehow representative of all Black people, not the individual Black person or people involved. They think subconsciously or consciously that Black men are dangerous and White men are the innocent boys next door.

It reminds of a point I bring up in some classes I teach - that when Timothy McVeigh was captured for blowing up the FBI building in Oklahoma City, White males weren't the target of police and government scrutiny, nor targets of public hatred. But after September 11th, anyone who appeared to be Middle-Eastern - men and women - became targets.

via Alas, A Blog - White Guys Gone Wilding

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