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April 24, 2006

Blogging Against Heteronormativity

I think the idea of getting a community of bloggers to commit to posting about a particular topic is a great tool for blogging and the internet. Saturday was delcared "Bloggin Against Heteronormativity Day". What is Heteronormativity? Here is a definition (from Blac(k) Ademic):

Heteronormativity: in brief, heteronormativity is a term that can be used to describe institutions, policies and beliefs that reinforce the rigid categories of male and female. these categories, supposedly, determine our sex, sexuality, sexual desire, gender identity, and gender roles. therefore, there are expected behaviors for males (such as the patriarch of the nuclear family for example), as are there expected behaviors for females (the submissive wife to the patriarch, among other things).

Why blog about it? Who participated and what did they say? Check out the link below:

via BLac(k) Ademic - Blogging Against Heteronormativity

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