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March 20, 2006

Pro-Feminist Men: Reach Out And Comment

Last week I posted a link to a piece on Official Shrub about the amount of Men's Rights men commenting on feminist sites. Well, Tekanji from Official Shrub posted a comment to that piece. I've decided, since the comments sections on this site are not fully utilized, to highlight her comment as a post. Part of her comment excerpted below is regarding which kind of men post to feminist sites:

Ultimately, I think the problem is less the misogynists (because, for all that they can get particularly nasty, they are an extremist minority) and more unexamined privilege. It's the guys who mean well, but don't have the tools (or the drive) to actually translate their intentions into a reality. Because, I mean, they aren't a misogynist, so what are we women complaining about?

I want to encourage all of the pro-feminist men who visit this site to visit some of the other pro-feminist sites and post a comment to an entry that interests you. You can link to some of the sites through the "Links" section on the right. Visit these sites regularly and comment often....

Posted by Russell at March 20, 2006 12:29 PM


Very good site, congratulations!

Posted by: suikoden at April 18, 2006 06:02 PM

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