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March 17, 2006

Pro-Feminist Men, Not Masculine?

Favorite blogger, Hugo Schwyzer, reflects on some of the posts in a comments section where Men's Rights Actists question Hugo's masculinity. He considers how this is a standard tactic:

As I've written before, most criticism of pro-feminist men (those of us who ask men to make radical changes in their lives) falls into one of the three categories:

1. We're all gay, and thus not "real men"; our words and our appeals ought not to be taken seriously by straight guys because of our sexuality.

2. We're straight, but our pro-feminism is a guise for "getting chicks"; we're really just horny guys who have devised a slick and cynical strategy for sexual conquest. Thus, we ought not to be taken seriously.

3. We're not gay, and we're not sexual predators -- but we're somehow still so fundamentally atypical that our exhortations to other men carry no weight. This is what Mr. Bad presumably means when he says that I am "plumbed like a guy, but act(s) like a girl."

via Hugo Schwyzer - Plumbed Like A Guy, Acts Like A Girl

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