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December 20, 2005

The Economy of Desire

Economist can calculate the cost of most anything, apparently. As the interesting article points out, below - they can cacluate the cost of eating a hamburger as opposed to eating a vegan meal (cost being calculated as the long-term effects of eating that hamburger). The article below focuses on the cost of sex (in the same manner as above, not with prostitutes). And, specifically the cost of sex when the AIDS crisis was at its nadir. The researchers, however, ended up making some realizations about sexual preference, in general:

In other words, sexual preference, while perhaps largely predetermined, may also be subject to the forces more typically associated with economics than biology. If this turns out to be true, it would change the way that everyone - scientists, politicians, theologians - thinks about sexuality. But it probably won't much change the way economists think. To them, it has always been clear: whether we like it or not, everything has its price.

via New York Times ( free registration required)- The Economy of Desire

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