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November 23, 2005

Social Marketing Campaigns and Violence Against Women

Social Marketing Campaign is not a term I've heard before. I more familiar with the term Public Education Campaign. Social marketing and public education campaigns are attempts to make social change through advertising - usually through the use of posters or TV ads. I suspect I haven't heard the term Social Marketing due to U.S. public health organizations avoidance (until recently) of using business tools. But marketing has an impact - usually for the negative (in my view). Why not use it for the positive?

Below is a link to a review out of Australia about world-wide social marketing campaigns focused on ending violence against women - over the last ten years. It is an exhaustive (228 pages - PDF) and valuable look at what has been tried.

via Vichealth - Vichealth Review of Communication Components of Social Marketing/Public Education Campaigns Focusing on Violence Against Women

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