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November 21, 2005

Marketing and The Mindless, Low-Brow Male

Over at RationalRevolution Geoff Price is amassing a series of articles on understanding Capitalism. The link below will lead you to the fourth article which focuses on Capitalism, culture and society. He gives a thorough the history of Capialisms impact on culture and society - right up to present-day advertising and popular culture. Near the end of this piece he targets advertisers and TV sitcoms who cater to and help encourage an image of men as simple-minded:

There is also the depiction of men as mindless, low brow consumers, whose only interests in life are to drink beer, ogle women that are way out of their league, and watch football on TV all day. In everything from commercials to sitcoms, and even TV dramas, men are overwhelmingly depicted as primal in nature, with very basic needs revolving around food, sports, women and alcohol. Men are often shown standing in awe at some new product, speechless with jaws wide open, like... umm... duh...

It struck me as to how true this was. If you watch a lot of television (and I don't recommend it) you end up feeling like all men are Homer Simpsons.

via - Understanding Capitalism IV

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