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October 31, 2005

Gender Politics - The Effects of Feminism

There is an interesting article in yesterday's New York Times Magazine - Maureen Dowd examines the current role of feminism in women's lives. She does a great job of looking at the gains and losses and confusion as feminism has moved from Gloria Steinham to Carrie Bradshaw:

Maybe we should have known that the story of women's progress would be more of a zigzag than a superhighway, that the triumph of feminism would last a nanosecond while the backlash lasted 40 years.

Despite the best efforts of philosophers, politicians, historians, novelists, screenwriters, linguists, therapists, anthropologists and facilitators, men and women are still in a muddle in the boardroom, the bedroom and the Situation Room.

A good read - and left me thinking that there is now a place for an examination of the effects of feminism on men's roles: from Bogart to Rambo to Bono, perhaps.

via New York Times (free registration required) - What's A Modern Girl To Do?

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