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October 17, 2005

The Churches New Policies

In an editorial written by Michael Kimmel, he examines the new policy of the Catholic church in ending pedophilia in the priesthood. He criticizes the confusion between pedophila and homosexuality. By focusing on ending pedophilia (which is usually perpetrated by straight males) in the priesthood by focusing on homosexuals is basing policy on a myth. Pedophilia and homosexuality are not the same thing.

In particular I like Kimmel's suggestions for reform in the church (reforms which he notes are unlikely to take place under the current Vatican administration). The second reform he offers is:

even if the church is unable or unwilling to examine the prejudices that guide its condemnation of homosexuality, it should continue to distinguish between homosexuals and homosexual behavior, in the same way that it currently distinguishes between heterosexuals and heterosexual behavior

Focus on Pedophiles, Not Gays

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