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October 25, 2005

Gay Children At The Hand Of Bullies

An article from the Guardian newspaper in England focuses on the harm of bullying on gay children. For those of us who have worked with gay youth, it is not surprising. The important statistic named in this piece is that 40% of gay adults admit that they attempted suicide as a young person and 50% considered it.

The article also underlines (but does not name) one of the main factors, I believe, for bullying and homophobia in schools: administrators and teachers who ignore or condone the behavior. I believe teaching young people tolerance is very important. But, it means almost nothing if they see a teacher ignore or encourage homophobia. Start at the top in educating around this issue, then work your way down to the young people.

via Guardian - School Accused Of Abandoning Thousands Of Gay Children To Classroom Bullies

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