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October 05, 2005

Feminist Porn....Not

What is porn? What is erotica? Is it possible to have pro-feminist porn? Well, one highly-touted site called Suicide Girls was supposed to be one. The website features non-traditional looking woman who sport tattoos and piercings. The Suicide Girls reported that it was female friendly and gave the models input into their photo-sets as well as gave them space to compose on-line journals so you are able to hear their thoughts as well as see them in the nude. The "porn site a pro-feminist could love" attracted lots of women and men who felt more comfortable posing and viewing a website that supported a "pro-woman" ideal.

Well, apparently this ideal is not at work at Suicide Girls. Upwards of thirty models have recently left the site and have been causing an uproar in the blogging/internet community. They claim that the models have been paid poorly and treated poorly. Claims of sexual harassment have been made. And, it turns out that the owner of the website is a man and it is connected with Playboy - not a company known for its pro-feminist ideals.

Pro-feminist porn - a possibility? In this case, apparently not. Below is an overview of the issue and a blog from one of the models who left Suicide Girls.

Via Feministe - Suicide Girls Quit The Site, Charging Exploitation and Male-Domination


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