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October 13, 2005

And Now...Ubersexuals

This could be the first place you heard about this...and also the last.

Well, since the term "metrosexual" is SO yesterday, someone has come up with a new term to describe a type of man - Ubersexual. Now this term may be of interest to pro-feminist men. According to the press release below the term refers to:

men who embrace the positive aspects of their masculinity or "M-ness" (e.g., confidence,leadership, passion, compassion)without giving in to the stereotypes that give guys a bad name (e.g.,disrespect toward women, emotional emptiness,complete ignorance of anything cultural outside of sports, beer, burgers, and athletic shoes).

Sounds kind of interesting, huh? Bono is named, in this press release, as the "Ultimate Ubersexual". I'm down with that, too. But then things start to fall apart: in the top ten list of Ubersexuals, you've got both Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You've begun to lose me there. Then, in a section of this piece entitled: Metrosexual or Ubersexual? How to Spot the Difference, you've got this bullet-point:

Both treat and respect women as equals, but the uber considers other men, not women, his best friends

I can't agree with that. Finally, it all becomes clear when one realizes this "news" piece is the product of an advertising agency.

So be wary if some product manufacturer comes to your men's center or group looking to sell you the latest in their exclusive ubersexual line...

via prnewswire - Bono The Ultimate Ubersexual

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