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September 16, 2005

International Conference on Batterer Intervention

The work of batterer intervention is relatively new in the scheme of domestic violence intervention/prevention. There are many different ways of approaching this work, which has also led to controversies and tensions. There are also many questions that are not clearly answered: how do you define success (is it that the batterer is not arrested again or is it that he is completely free of controlling behavior); can woman be batterers and what type of treatment should be offered to them; is there a one-size fits all model of batterer intervention or is it appropriate to have different models for those of different cultures?

There has not been a national conference on batterer intervention for many years...until this November. From Roots to Wings: The Future of Batterer Intervention looks to be a great gathering of all of these different voices. Myself and some of my colleagues are going to both present as well as attend many of the presentations.

My plan is to post about some of my experiences there - to pass on the learning. In the meantime, if you live in the Detroit area and want to go or want to travel to attend this conference, sign-up quickly, it's filling up fast.

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