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September 01, 2005

Are You A Jerk If You Don't Want To Watch Your Wife Give Birth?

Apparently there is a notable trend with men not feeling sexually attracted to their wives after watching them give birth. The first take on this might be - what's his problem? and to dismiss him as sexist. But what is at the heart of this issue (which was first noted in a New York Times article and has been discussed/spread amongst the blogging/internet community) is the tension with the view of feminism which says that any type of objectifying a partner is a problem. What do you think?

via Slate - It's a Jerk

Posted by Russell at September 1, 2005 07:46 AM


The reason why men get 'turned off' is because society has gradually translated the women into a sex object. This, in turn, socialises the formula into men that dictates when and if the relevant switch is to be flicked either way. We are not trained to appreciate the idea of love in the spiritual sense which views the physical union as a means to a spiritual union and realisation of love between two. Thus, once the woman becomes a means via which, and under non-spiritual conditions, an erection may be incited and an orgasm excited, any non or negative sexual association necessarily leads to a decline in sexual attraction. We should also remember the words we use in studying this phenomena - notice the phrase 'sexual' attraction. That is one of the causes why we get turned off under particular conditions. Sexual Attraction can remain consistent if it is housed within Spiritual Attraction.

Posted by: Inquisitor at September 5, 2005 12:47 AM

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